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The genius of Carles Reig

Carles Reig a genius, surely

This from an interview by a journalist (whose name now escapes me) appeared Sunday 5/26/1985 in Avui with the keen observer and sharp literary critic Pep Albanell.

A translation of the two marked paragraphs could go as follows.

First excerpt:

Albanell: “I took my life to be more precious than my literature. Had my belief been that my work could have approached genius, then I would certainly have followed another track, the track undertaken by Carles Reig, with whom I was a fellow student in La Seu d’Urgell. He’s very convinced of the fact that what he does is important, that his work does indeed matter. He totally commits himself to perfect his writings – and he suffers like the lowest whore for it – even though right now it seems his life is getting somewhat easier. It is he who’ll be able to do something really durable.”

Second excerpt:

Albanell: “Soon I realized – as who wouldn’t unless one’s so deluded that doesn’t see what lies before his own nose – that genius are scarce. Perhaps Carles Reig is one of them, especially since, alive, nobody seems to “get” what geniuses do, which is Reig’s plight nowadays – maybe in twenty years time people will understand his writings, for the moment though everybody just rejects them.”

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