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Traient seny pels queixals del foc

Published chez The Widow... another of those short novels Reig used to write during the '70s, all of them signed with fake names.

Here the Introduction appears to be the work of one Vrathi Galiva – a “Hindustani” name which is just an anagram for “Hi vaig larvat”, which in turn is but the motto Descartes used to use during a time. Larvatus Prodeo, or I proceed in a disguised (or fake) manner.

As to the body of the novel is a well-known Dolors d'Arret who signs it. [A name, by the way, not as innocuous as it seems. Putting away its simplicity, almost commonality, it could also be translated as Pains of [sexual] Erection.


The title:

Traient seny pels queixals del foc,

we've translated as:

Jettisoning Sense through the enkindled Molars.

This after considering the following idioms

Queixals del seny: Wisdom teeth.

Treure foc pels queixals: (or, Throwing fire through the wisdom teeth), meaning to be in high dudgeon, raving mad, very angry indeed.


Anyhow, the novel, delivered in three parts, here:

Traient seny pels queixals del foc - I -

Traient seny pels queixals del foc - II -

Traient seny pels queixals del foc - III -


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