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The immaculate decency of the lone navigator

The lone navigator’s immaculate decency

Found in...

...and, inside that magazine called L’Hora, from March 1979, in page 39, an article by writer and critic Joan-Anton Benach.

Benac argues in favor of the seriousness of Reig's theater. And mourns the ignorant way the uninterested establishment dismisses it. He also talks about Reig’s "lone navigator" insouciance in regard to such lack of interest. Willy-nilly, and in spite of all obstacles (he seems to assume,) the writing will go on for as long as Reig breathes.


The final fragment of the article seems especially telling. It roughly translates as follows:

“Since a ways back we should’ve been able to deal with his (Reig’s) different plays, in order to talk about their humor, their strictly literary peculiarities, and above all about the key concepts, full of honesty and of immaculate decency, cropping among the wavy lines of texts that paint a bitter picture of a civilization, along whose dark sewers its servants and their obsessions eagerly follow up to their logical destiny.”


[The name of the author of the article is Benach, actually Benac, or rather Benac(h), for in Catalan the letter H is always silent; so, if somebody carries, for instance, the common Catalan name Bosc(h), meaning “bosc” (forest), or Astruc(h), also fairly common, and meaning “lucky”, one should never have any doubt as to how pronounce it. The H is as if non-existent and lends nonetheless to confusion, and in fact many Catalans make an effort (and so they should) to have the epenthetic H removed from their falsified names.]


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